Breast Cancer Survivors – How to Prevent Cancer From Returning After Chemo Or Radiation Therapy

The most common cancers are the prostate (for men) and breast (for women), followed by lung and colorectal cancers. Next is bladder cancer for men, uterine cancer for women, lymphoma for men, ovarian cancer for women.This insidious disease is not limited to just men and women, even children and some of our pet animals become victims to this dreadful disease.ONE-THIRD OF NORTH AMERICAN WILL EVENTUALLY DIE OF SOME FORM OF CANCER.Next to heart disease, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. All cancers results from a mutation or change of genes that control cell growth (American Medical Association).The causes of this mutation includes: carcinogens, cigarette smoke, heavy metals, pesticides, radiation from X-rays, radiation from the sun, poor diet and etc.It must be emphasized that many cancers can be prevented through the three-fold regiment of diet, avoidance of carcinogens(cancer-causing agents) and reinforced bodily defenses.BREAST CANCER… SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF CANCER -RELATED DEATHS IN WOMEN.According to the American Medical Association (AMA) there are nearly 180,000 new cases of breast cancer in American woman each year, and more than 40,000 deaths from the cancer. Five to 10 percent of women with breast have a mother or sister with breast cancer (two gene mutations called BRCA1 and 2)Now here’s something interesting. The vast majority of women who develop breast cancer have no family history of the disease. So now, with that behinds us let’s focus on getting helpful suggestions on how to handle this health challenge successfully.STEPS THAT CAN BE TAKEN TO PREVENT CANCER FROM RETURNING.Diet… Fiber intake—Boosting fiber consumption to between 20 and 30 grams daily– double the amount of most people– may lower the amount of estrogen circulating the bloodstream. Eat more beans, lentils, fresh fruit, veggies and whole grain (AMA).Reinforced Bodily Defense… The most powerful protector and fighter against cancer is Glutathione (GSH). Hundreds of medical articles have been written describing the role of GSH in cancer prevention and cancer treatment. They fall into the three main groups:Prevention- includes detoxification of carcinogens, anti oxidation and heightened immune response.
Therapeutic possibilities- anti-tumor methodologies and the treatment and prevention of wasting.
Special role for GSH- in chemo therapy and radiation therapy whereby it minimizing it’s side -effects.THE BEST DEFENSIVE FIGHTER AGAINST CANCER.Dr. Jimmy Gutman in his book “Glutathione Your Key To Health” page 6 says- GSH is the most powerful antioxidant occurring naturally in your body. The effectiveness of other antioxidants like vitamins C and E depends on glutathione.A study published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute illustrated that a well-functioning glutathione enzyme system wards off cancer. Glutathione (GSH) soak up oxy-radicals and other radicals as they form in the cell.GSH therefore provides both preventative and therapeutic advantages. This is mainly because elevated glutathione levels enable the body to produce more white blood cells (cells that protect the body from disease and infection)BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR… NO CHEMOTHERAPHY OR RADIATION THERAPY AFTER SURGERY.I had the pleasure and opportunity to interview Susie of Florida.Interviewer— Susie, when were you first diagnose with breast cancer?
Susie———–In January 2003.Interviewer—- What was your first concern?
Susie———– Find some help with my procedures. You see, I had no insurance to cover my expenses, so I was looking for some less expensive but effective alternative.Interviewer—– What options came to mind?
Susie———— First, and foremost was to get a second opinion.Interviewer—— What procedure was done in your case?
Susie————- Surgery to remove the infected lymph node.Interviewer—— What followed, chemotherapy or radiotherapy?
Susie————– Neither, I refused both because of side-effects. My doctor disagreed initially with my decision. A friend got me in contact with a immune system research company that provided me information on a clinically proven natural technology that helps the immune system fight cancer. This whey protein isolate help optimize my immune system to produce more glutathione.Interviewer—— What is your prognosis now?
Susie————- As of April 2008, my doctor told me that my test shows me to be cancer free.Interviewer——- What post-cancer suggestions would you like to share with other breast cancer victims?
Susie————– After you complete your procedures, exercise regularly, diet (include fruits and veggies), take high quality nutritional supplements and most importantly, attain and maintain a healthy immune system by raising glutathione levels. I take my special whey protein isolate every single day, because it saved my life. I am convinced that by doing these I will prevent my cancer from returning!A weak or compromised immune system leaves the body cells vulnerable to free radical damage that can trigger cancer. There are other factors that creates a cancerous environment. Both humans and animals can become victims to cancer.The most powerful and aggressive fighter against cancer is the master antioxidant.. Glutathione. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Raising Glutathione(GSH) will help to protect your body against. CANCER.